About The Cats

Mr. Fuji is the first cat to move into the house in 2004. He has the coloring of a Siamese, but he does physically look like a Siamese. He is the only cat of the three that has lived outside of the United States. He has lived in Kansas, Germany, Wisconsin, and now Nebraska. He constantly comes up wanting to be petted. he will hang out on mommy or daddy's lap while watching TV

Midnight is actually the third cat to move into the house, he was adopted in 2009 after Cuddles has passed. Daddy feels that every cat should have a play mate. He plays well with both Mr. Fugi and Gambit. He is not as Social as Mr. Fugi, but he will definitely let you know when he wants attention.

Gambit is the latest cat to move in the house. We did adopt him as a kitten in 2010, originally name Bongo, we changed his name to Gambit. He plays well with Midnight, but does not get along with Mr. Fugi. He is a loveable cat that loves to play with his favorite squirrel toy, especially when there is cat nip inside.

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  1. Hello, we haven't met you before, you are very nice cats and our Mum thinks your photographs are really cool.

    Oliver & Gerry