Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Want Cat Treats!

Hey Mom! Bring out that red dot toy, so we can chase down that red dot.  We think we have figured out a system and might be able to catch it this time. We know you keep it in Dad's chair (well it is our chair, we just let daddy use it) We love it when you play with us, but you know what you haven't given us in a while?  Cat treats!  Yea, I know you are trying to compensate by giving us more canned cat food, but we are well overdue for some treats. You have played with us by making us chase down cat treats, as seen in these moving pictures taken by your daughter using her flashy box.  Make sure you are using the treats seen in the video. We really like the Temptations treats because it is the best cat treat ever!   I know you got us treats last year that were handmade, but we did not like them. I know you tried to make you own cat treats, but we didn't like them either.  Mom, didn't you end up eating them because you thought they were good. Well, I guess that explains why we did not like them. So Mom, go buy us the best cat treats and we might have more energy for chasing that red dot and we can't wait to play chase the cats treats again.


Mom is getting compensated for this, but that is o.k., because it is true and now she has no excuses for buying us cat treat!

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